Questions and Answers

Can I request payroll and social insurance procedures together with tax return?
You can request all at one stop from tax to labor
Why is the tax accountant fee so cheap?
We calculate the compensation fee based on the personnel expenses required for work and we are the usual fee
Can you ask for help in introducing accounting software?
We will guarantee free from the introduction of accounting software until responsibility is realized
Can we request from the company establishment procedure?
From company establishment to tax return and social insurance and subsidy procedures can all be requested
Can you attend tax survey?
Since the director will be present to all customers, please ask with confidence.
Can we file a settlement declaration or bookkeeping substitution anywhere in the country?
Since it corresponds by electronic filing and e-mail, we can request from anywhere in the country
Can I request even from the middle of the term?
No matter when you ask for it, there is no problem
Can I request a subsidy request only with a payment of incentives?
We are limited only to customers with advisory contracts with tax accountants or social insurance labor consultants
Would you make a cheap approach if you also apply for construction business license together with tax?
Since there is overlapping work as well as labor service, you can request it cheaply
I have an advisory tax accountant, can I request a tax accountant as a second opinion?
we can not accept the second opinion of customer who is an advisory tax accountant