Request a tax accountant

In the tax accountant request, there is often a question “Is there any problem in the distance?” However, IT conversion such as electronic filing and electronic bookkeeping advances rapidly, the barriers between areas of tax work are gone, and in reality, As an adviser to the accounting office, we have been asked not only from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, but also overseas from the UK, Canada and Sri Lanka so there is no problem at all so please do not hesitate to consult us

Outline of tax accountant request

In the task of requesting a certified tax accountant, you can e-mail or mail the data of accounting that you could create, consult the contents, and at our company corporate account statement · corporate return form · consumption tax return form · company We will prepare minutes etc and send it to your company, so after confirming, please stamp the representative stamp and send it back to us, we will submit it to tax office, city office and receive it and submit it to your company I will return it.