Tax Attorney Fees

Customers select the fee of  tax accountant from the corporate yearly tax accountant fee,individual yearly tax accountant fee and inheritance tax application tax accountant fee. If they require the service of  a tax accountant other than those, they can select from the tax accountant fee of the following services at their request.

We are able to provide a comprehensive service at a low price by providing the service of social insurance and labor consultation as well as administrative scrivener in our office in addition to tax accountant service.

Fee of Tax Accountant

Fee of corporation tax Fee of income tax Fee of inheritance tax Fee for additional service

Fee of Tax accountant

Fee of application of consumption tax Fee of year-end adjustment Fee of depreciable asset tax Fee of application of gift tax

Fee of Tax accountant

Fee of bookkeeping Fee of witnessing the research Fee of statement of stock valuation Fee of consultation for individual

The corporate consultation tax accountant fee and individual settlement tax accountant fee are calculated based on the sales amount of the business. However, as this calculation system does not sometimes fit the style of business, we will reduce the fee of tax accountant if you contact us.