Doctor’s Tax return

List of fee for doctor’s Tax return

Regarding the tax accountant fee for doctors and dentists, various tax representation and tax advice such as income tax declaration fee, consumption tax declaration fee, research witness fee, year-end adjustment fee, total table prepared fee etc. All are included, we offer high quality and cheap service.

Base of yearly transction amount Yearly fee ((Excluding tax))
Less than 50 million yen 250,000 yen
Less than 60 million yen 300,000 yen
Less than 70 million yen 350,000 yen
Less than 80 million yen 400,000 yen
Less than 90 million yen 450,000 yen
Less than 100 million yen 500,000 yen
Less than 200 million yen 600,000 yen
Less than 300 million yen 700,000 yen
Less than 400 million yen 800,000 yen
More than 400 million yen Calculated upon consultation separately