Special case of small residential land etc.

Special case of small residential land

Exceptional examples such as small-scale residential landowns are cases in which individuals inhabit the residential land, etc. of the residential land, etc., the decedent or the like which were provided for the business of the decedent, etc. immediately before the inheritance thereof, among the property acquired by inheritance or bequest For certain parts of the residential land and the like that have been used for a certain selection, up to the limit area, a certain proportion will be reduced in calculating the value to be included in the taxable value of the inheritance tax. This is called a special case such as small residential land.

* Special cases of small-scale residential land can not be applied to residential land acquired by gift within three years before inception, residential land acquired by gift relating to settlement tax at inheritance, etc. Also, even if you have a residential land that corresponds to some small residential land when inheriting, only one is applicable.

There are roughly three types of reduction application values.

(1) 80% reduction application (maximum 240 square meters) for specific residence residential lots where heirs continue to live without relation to business or loans

(2) Mitigation rate of 80% (upper limit of 400 square meters) in the case where certain conditions are satisfied for business housing land (excluding real estate lending business) owned by the heir to the declaration deadline and continuing business

(3) Reduction ratio of 50% (upper limit 200 square meters) when certain conditions are fulfilled in the residential land for real estate lending etc.