Establish in Hshimoto

Fee of establishing a company, fee of establishing a company is as follows, fee plus 52,500 yen, establish at the fee

fee for establishing a Joint stock company

Details of fee for establishing a corporation Joint stock company
Fee for notarizing articles of incorporation 50,000 yen
Registration license tax
(capital × 7/1000)
150,000 yen (at least 150,000 yen)
Fee of copy (250 yen per each) 2,020 yen
Total 202,020 yen

(Excluding tax)


  • We accept solely a customer who contracts a tax consultation with us after establishing a corporation.
  • Our fee for establishing a medical corporation is 300,000 yen.
  • We accept customers solely in Wakayama-ken except for the special case.
  • The judicial scrivener with whom we have partnership draws up documents for establishing a company, and submit them