Introduction of website creation

Regarding the creation of the homepage, we have created and managed ourselves at our accounting office in Hainan City, Wakayama Prefecture, but due to the rapid progress of IT (Information Technology), tax accountants also specialize in taxation Just saying it as a house makes it obsolete
As for the person who is viewing this homepage in the website production, as it is coming through some kind of search through iternet, the homepage is created considering that it has meaning only after visiting I have to
Homepage creation is now essential for business in the same way as business cards, and for companies that are planning to create a website and raise profits, it is necessary not only for consultation on taxation and labor In accordance with the advice of website creation accordingly, please do not hesitate to consult
In Wakayama’s website creation, in addition to the accounting office communications issued by a tax accountant office, a tax stamp of frequently used stamp duty tax and withholding income tax, and an introduction of a simple tax rate table that can calculate taxes, an accounting office that can be enjoyed with tax accountant fees and photographs We publish the outline etc. of the website creation, accounting work is supported nationwide based on Wakayama City, Hainan City, Arita City, Kinokawa City and Iwade city

In the homepage creation, we have created a website in English for foreign companies and foreign customers in our accounting firm and posted a translation page, and it is possible to create homepages with XHTML and CSS conforming to the W3C compliant global standard It is done and is being built
In creating the homepage of Wakayama, our accounting firm is striving to create a website of universal design which various people can use easily, and also pay attention to the protection of personal information and use it with confidence for everyone We aim to create a website that you can

By creating a website, customers in UK and Canada are also located in our accounting offices regardless of Wakayama and Osaka, so foreigners can feel relieved even if you are a foreign corporation
Wakayama prefecture Hainan city, Shimotsu-machi, Kinno-machi, Yuasa-machi, Aridagawa-cho, Hidakagawa-machi etc. Based on such accounting services as nationwide, please do not hesitate to request me to prepare a declaration form

In creating the website, since we built T’s initial T from the designing stage of the accounting firm ‘s architecture, we first created the logo of the tax accountant office first in creating the website so that the logo We created the initial letter T in Tsuji in the accounting office photo according to the image
Since the above logo of the tax accountant and accounting office in the homepage creation is also used for favicon, it is making it easy to understand when the website is bookmarked
At this tax accountant office in Wakayama, all advisors have declared tax returns by electronic filing
In Hainan tax office in Wakayama prefecture, electronic declaration is very widespread, in FY2008 the diffusion rate of electronic filing was 3rd in the tax office inside the Osaka taxation authority and the Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau was also awarded the IT-promoted area Tax service that is familiar with IT about taxes is now required
Because tax office work corresponds to the whole country based on Wakayama city of Wakayama prefecture · Hainan city · Arita city · Kinokawa city · Iwade city, please request creation of tax returns from other prefectures with confidence

In the homepage creation, in our accounting office in Wakayama, various people visit the homepage but it is easy to use and necessary information so that everyone can use it without being confused or without hesitation As soon as it can be located so that the size of the letters can be changed The visitor has adopted the punks link so that the browsing position can be immediately recognized on the homepage Person who is easy to use convenient for everyone Website production I am making it in mind.

Website creation and Wakayama’s SNS
A company-specific advertisement using SNS (social networking service) such as Google+ or Facebook that can communicate the regionality of Wakayama as well as the website creation and various business services is also a useful means leading to sales increase
There are unlimited possibilities for information dissemination through the Internet via the website and SNS, and new forms of the future are emerging not only in business but also in music and art
Google Plus Page of Social Networking Services

In the homepage creation, we aim to create a homepage of universal design which all people are easy to use based on Wakayama, and it is the homepage creation of the accounting firm of Wakayama which we have created according to the accessibility guidelines of Tsujiuchi accounting firm .

Outline of homepage creation

In website creation, we check on HP production according to the following criteria.

  • Adopt unified navigation for all website creation
  • Write “breadcrumbs list” on all homepage creation so that you can know the current position in the homepage
  • Create a homepage with the size of the screen as a standard display of 800 x 600 pixels size
  • Add a title to each homepage
  • Add tags as headlines in website creation
  • Do not use full-size alphanumeric characters, half-width katakana and machine dependent characters in HP creation
  • Always create substitute text for the image and create a homepage
  • Do not use space for word layout between website creation
  • Do not use the frame function entirely in website creation
  • Create homepages with a simple HP screen composition with the aim of helping homepage visitors to find necessary information in a short time
  • Do not make the hierarchy inside the website too deep
  • Contrast between the background and contents is made with homepage as easy as possible to the eyes and clearly visible
  • Create a homepage not to convey information by color or form only
  • Do not use unnecessarily large size files for website creation
  • Do not use the function of the homepage which is recognized only by a specific browser as much as possible
  • When posting a file that depends on a specific application, write the application name etc. in the homepage