Depreciation property tax

Depreciation property tax is an asset that can be used for businesses other than land and houses that are owned as of January 1 each year and whose depreciation expense is deductible for the calculation of income under the provision of corporate tax or income tax law The following items are subject to declaration in the items that are included in the necessary expenses (including those owned by those not subject to corporate tax or income tax)

In principle, the price of depreciation property tax will be reviewed every three years (depreciation assets every fiscal year), but even during fiscal years other than the base year, conversion of the land’s land, new construction, If there is, we decide the price according to the situation of the asset in that year

Tax calculation of depreciation property tax return

Calculate tax amount of depreciation property tax
Tax = Tax base amount × Tax rate [1.4 / 100]
If the total tax base value is less than 1.5 million yen (tax exemption point), it is not taxed


  • Regarding land with tax base on amortized property tax, evaluation based on the actual purchase price (For residential land, evaluate 70% of public land price etc.)
  • For houses with tax base on amortized property tax, the evaluation based on the rebuilt value
  • For depreciable assets of taxable standards in depreciation property tax, evaluation based on acquisition price
  • In tax calculation in depreciation property tax, calculations less than 1,000 yen are rounded down

Those excluded from subjects of depreciable assets

  • Vehicles, motorized bicycles, small forklift trucks subject to automobile taxes, light vehicle taxes
  • Intangible fixed assets (patent rights, utility model rights, etc.) and deferred assets
  • Assets whose value does not decrease due to the passage of time such as antiques
  • Deductible from depreciable assets with a useful life less than 1 year or acquisition cost less than 100,000 yen
  • Those that have chosen a three-year lump-sum depreciation with amortized assets with an acquisition price of less than 200,000 yen

Subject to amortized assets

  • Even assets, off-book assets and depreciated assets that are accounted for in the construction in progress accounts that can be used for business purposes as of January 1st
  • Even idle assets that are idle or unutilized, those that are ready to be used for business as of January 1st
  • Even though depreciable assets whose usable period is less than 1 year or whose acquisition price is less than 200,000 yen are depreciated individually
  • Assets that applied immediate amortization, etc. by applying the provisions of the Special Taxation Measures Law (assets to which the special exemption of inclusion of small amount of assets less than 300,000 yen by small business etc.)